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Nationwide portfolio of commercial office buildings will offer innovative new product

Pure Wellness, a pioneer and leader in hotel guest room wellness solutions, and Innovatus Capital Partners, LLC (“Innovatus”) a boutique specialty finance firm with over $1.5 billion assets under management, focused on creating value in special situations, emergent asset classes and asset-based investments, including a diversified portfolio of U.S. commercial office properties located in emergent top-tier markets, have partnered to bring the popular Pure Room concept to the office environment – creating the Pure Office.

“The Pure Office concept is an effective way for commercial building owners and managers to give tenants confidence in the safety of the work environment which is mission critical in returning tenants and their employees to the office,” commented Bradley Seiden, Managing Director of Innovatus. “We are delighted to partner with a proven operator in the field of indoor air quality. We expect to enhance and differentiate our building environments by openly communicating to the building’s tenants and guests with the use of environmental monitors and forward-facing dashboards. This will create clarity for participants.”

The Pure Office concept addresses three key areas focused on preventing the transmission of viruses and bacteria such as COVID-19 and improving tenant and staff confidence.  First, the cleaned surfaces in a building or office are treated with a special chemical called Pure Shield that creates molecular structures that prevent 99.99% of viruses and bacteria from surviving on the treated surfaces and which remain effective for over 90 days.  Second, the air in the building or office is treated with equipment using patented Disinfection Filtration System (DFS) technology that has been individually tested to exceed HEPA efficiency at removing 99.99% of airborne particles, such as COVID-19, from the air.  Finally, air particle monitoring systems are installed to measure and display the difference in particle count between the outside air and inside environment.

“This concept is an innovation designed to help building owners, managers and brokers survive in the current environment,” stated Brian Shedd, Senior Vice President for Pure Wellness.  “The Pure Office will help retain tenants, capture new tenants seeking a better office product in the market for their employees and give office building managers a tool to drive lease extension and renewal.  This is competitive differentiation and advantage in the commercial office space.”

The first Pure Office has already been installed at the Frisco Bridges Office Park in Frisco, TX.  Tenants and visitors will experience an environment that is 99.99% free of airborne pathogens such as viruses and bacteria in the building common areas such as the lobby, community room, conference room, fitness center, locker rooms and restrooms.  Tenants at Frisco Bridges can also opt to make their individual office spaces Pure Office by contacting the building management. Lincoln Property Company Commercial, currently provides property management and leasing services for Frisco Bridges Office Park, and to the larger Innovatus portfolio. “The installation of Pure Office enhances our ability to create healthy and safe office environments.  We are very proud to be partnered with an ownership that is forward-thinking in their approach to tenant experience, technology and overall building wellness.” said Andrew Jones, Senior Vice President of LPC’s property management division.

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