We believe it is both economically rational and environmentally responsible to implement green practices and strategies that improve tenant satisfaction and the financial and environmental performance of the buildings we manage.

Our Commitment

Lincoln Property Company’s commitment to energy efficiency began almost 20 years ago when we joined as an ENERGY STAR Partner. All of our executives are committed to continually improving energy efficiency through policy changes and the allocation of staff and funding.

In 2009, we elevated the allocation of staff with the formation of our Green Council. The Green Council is comprised of professionals from each of our regional offices. They bring knowledge from a variety of disciplines including engineering, building management, real estate leasing, operations and maintenance, new building development and green practices. Each member reports to the senior executive in his or her respective region. In addition, LPC hired its own third-party consultant, LORD Green Real Estate Strategies, to provide strategy consulting and administrative leadership for the Green Council.


Andrew Jones

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